Jun 23rd US-CA Unplanned Maintenance

Unfortunately, during kernel update on our US.CA clusters this morning, we had a small issue booting the servers back online.We're supposed to do maintenance later this month but due to the issue, we are going to do an unplanned maintenance now. We are currently working on restoring service, we have no ETA at this time but rest assured we are ... Read More »

Jun 21st Outage Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

As of 22:10 PM EST, our Noord-Holland, Amsterdam datacenter facility is experiencing multiple power events which have impacted and limited capacity of our power facilities. We have experienced a failure among one of our power generation units, and are working to restore full capacity at this time.Update 23:40 PM ESTNetworks powers returned to ... Read More »

Nov 7th Netherlands Networks Maintenance - New Core Switch

Network maintenance - New core switch infrastructure As part of our commitment to continually improve the level of service UnderHost provides, we want to inform you about the upcoming network maintenance. During this maintenance we will replace our core switches in Netherlands with redundant state of the art Arista 7500R equipment. The ... Read More »

Oct 2nd CNLQ Cogent issue.

Due to issue with Cogent Communications, we modified CNLQ IPs from to As the IPs was causing some issue via some locations around the World. You might see a "cPanel" page site has been moved temporally this is due to cache or DNS cache, refreshing these will fix your issue sometime a reboot may ... Read More »

Sep 16th Tutorials and Updates

All news are now posted directly on our tutorials blogs; https://underhost.com/blog/